Friday, March 5, 2010

William the Artist

I've been trying to do more craft projects with the kids lately, especially since I got a big box of projects from the Oriental Trading Co. co-op that I participated in. We got lots of craft projects and supplies!

William made the above poster using Crayola Color Wonder paints. These paints come in a tube that you push out as you paint with the brush, so they are self-contained. They also do not color anything except the Crayola paper, which is a plus. See the proud smile!

Another fun project that we did recently were construction paper scenes using stickers. Both William and Violet completed this one, and it was a lot of fun putting all the stickers on the paper to make a fun picture (although there were way too many stickers, if that's possible!). Both kids did a great job on this one, and here is William's finished picture:

So far, William's favorite project is using watercolor paints, which he is currently requesting to do several times a week. Usually he paints a rocket ship. He is actually very neat with the painting!

We're looking forward to doing many more projects out of the craft stash!


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